Uncover Your Star Quality, Through Developing Your Influential Voice so You Can Shine in Any Spotlight (Live or Video) Become a Powerful Sales Magnet and Grow Your Business Exponentially

Who Am I?

Thanks to COVID 19, I had to quickly expand my reach as a communication coach when my corporate clients halted all spending.

I started showing up on virtual stages, quickly began attracting new audiences and discovered nothing is more powerful than when people get to EXPERIENCE you. Seeing you and hearing your voice can bring instant connection.

I shared this secret, and many entrepreneurs told me they feel uncomfortable and a little awkward in the spotlight, some don’t believe they’re good speakers or compare themselves to others and even shy away from giving presentations.

I’m a trained voice actor, singer and communication coach, and even I, for some reason, delayed truly leveraging speaking platforms for my business.

I have transferred my skills into tactical methods and now share my system to empower fellow entrepreneurs to step confidently and show up powerfully, be it video, stage……….or any other spotlight.

About My Program


Who Is This For?

Fempreneurs who want become more confident, engaging influential speakers to maximize video content and speaking platforms. Kim helps them to find and authentically use their voice and build a stronger presence whether on camera, on stage or audio only.


Who Is This Not For?

This program is not for fempreneurs who are trying to be slick actors trying to sell their services or people who are not interested in constructive feedback or people who are not willing to do the work to get the results they want.

Module One

Character Creation


I will walk you through an introspective process to create a REbranded Version of Yourself, so you can fully express that one-of-a-kind character hidden inside.


Identify and remove the mental blocks, anxiety and fear that may be hindering you from fully stepping out and taking full advantage of opportunities to put yourself out there to talk about your business and present yourself in the way you want to be recognized. My RE Process™ has helped my clients to see themselves from a new perspective, which has transformed their insecurities around being in the spotlight, allowing them to show up authentically and confidently.

Module Two

Your Stage Presence


Learn to communicate in a way that conveys you are intelligent, competent confident, trustworthy and likeable by enhancing 5 essential elements.


There are five important elements that encompass the way you come across.

Your voice plays a significant role in how easy or difficult it is to listen to you. If you mumble, speak to fast, too softly, monotone, etc. you may be perceived as lacking confidence or have difficulty connecting with your audience. Get the best sound out of your voice, improve your ability to engage your audience when you add texture and resonance incorporate vocal variety. Based your Star Quality Speech and Voice Assessment™ you will develop a voice that is confident and connects.

Your speech is also very important because everything communicates Poor grammar, mispronunciations, incorrect use of words, use of non-words, overuse of words and fillers can diminish the perception of your competence. You will become a more self-assured, which will empower you to take the stage, knowing you can present yourself skillfully.

Your Word Choices Choosing the right words can help you convey the right message. You will become more intentional about the words you use to send the right message.

Your Body Language is a critical component in how your audience interprets what you say. The best words with the wrong body language can obliterate everything you are trying to convey. I will teach you to use your body to make sure your expression makes the right impression.

Your Mindset is certainly the most important element in determining the way you communicate.  Using my RE Process™ will help you identify and overcome unconscious blocks that may be dulling your shine.

Module Three

Relax Into Power


You will discover 3 powerful relaxation and rehearsal techniques that will help you to tactically manage your energy so you can own the spotlight.


Don’t allow nerves to get in your way, relax so you can step fully into your power. Three proven   techniques will help you direct your physiology and psychology so you can express yourself in the way you want to come across. Many people don’t know how to prepare to present, learn a strategic rehearsal process that will help you to express yourself with ease.

Module Four

Your Close Up


Sound great on the mic and look natural on camera when you incorporate a few simple strategies.


It’s common for non-actors to become ‘wooden’ when they are in front of a mic or camera. In my Mic & Camera Presence 101 session, I will assess, give you feedback and work with you to incorporate techniques that allow you to be yourself and come across like a natural.

You’ll be ready for your ‘close up’.

Module Five

Project to Connect


Connect with any audience, seen or unseen using the Rules of Engagement and be relatable by using three rules that allow your audience to feel like they really know you.


Whether you are creating YouTube videos, recording podcasts or speaking to a live audience, connection is about way more than just sounding good. You will become more engaging and relatable when you incorporate my rules for connecting with an audience of one or many. By developing this powerful mindset, you will become a magnet, attracting your perfect client.

Module Six

Superstar Scripting


Pull your content together in a way that reflects your star power so that people want to buy what you’re selling.


As entrepreneurs, it’s our job to shine the light on how we can help those we are called to serve. Through carefully scripting your content, you will become a superstar when your perfect customer realizes you have the answer to their problem.

Module Seven

Dress Rehearsal


Get ready to produce an asset


Choose an asset you would like to create with expert direction and feedback, i.e. webinar, promo video, podcast, YouTube video, online training, you decide. Incorporate everything you have learned and get ready to see yourself in action. I’ll give you feedback and direction to reveal your star quality. 

Module Eight

Lights, Camera, Action


Produce a professional asset.


I will be your own personal coach/director to help you produce a webinar, your first podcast, YouTube, video or whatever you choose?

At the end of this course, I will be your guide as you Step into the Spotlight.

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