Kim Welcome

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

My coaching is highly personalized and driven by the client’s objectives. As we work through my client’s needs, I provide them with simple methods to confidently address an in-person crowd, come across naturally in video, rock live social media, shine on virtual platforms……..and wherever else there’s a spotlight.

2. What can you expect from this call?

You will receive a mini-speech and voice assessment to give you an idea of the way you may come across to others. We will talk about your personal objectives, what it will take to achieve your desire outcomes and whether my methods are suitable to your needs.

3. Who is Kim Welcome?

Like many entrepreneurs, Kim Welcome had to pivot quickly and find a way to expand her reach when her corporate clients halted all spending thanks to COVID 19.
She discovered nothing has the power to create that ‘know, like and trust factor’ with new prospects than when people get to EXPERIENCE you.

Some People We’ve Worked With

Donna Mortimer

CEO Art of Etiquette

“My decision to engage the services of Kim Welcome provided me with of myriad of benefits that have paid great personal dividends. This training has allowed me to brand my personal image and reposition myself while developing poise and charisma. The dynamic and innovative approach of her coaching style has certainly allowed me to gain a polished edge in my public speaking skills, enhancing the way I present myself I highly recommend her.”

Dr. Charles Lucas


“I was initially skeptical about the benefit/value these sessions would bring especially given the extremely short time we had to work with. From the very first meeting however Mrs. Welcome’s talent was evident. Her insights were profound. Furthermore, she was able to ‘transmute’ her knowledge and experience into a highly effective personalized coaching. She is a professional, a paradigm of excellence and an absolute pleasure to work with. I feel so strongly I have already recommended her services to several colleagues and friends.”

Maud Smith

HR Administrator

“I wanted to become a clear, engaging and effective communicator. Kim Welcome helped me by identifying my strengths and weaknesses. We began working on my weaknesses IMMEDIATELY and the result was PHENOMINAL! I can now speak confidently and command a room. I liked that it was a “no judgement zone.” She helped me become, a concise and professional communicator. I found the experience invaluable, a GREAT investment! I recommend anyone who wants to build their confidence, polish their speech and be a professional presenter or public speaker.”

Fanchon Dawkins


“I was given the opportunity to host a television show and I wanted to improve the way I spoke on camera. I was referred to Kim Welcome by a film producer. In only 4 weeks I saw so much improvement. She gave me methods to get the best sound out of my voice and to stop looking rigid on camera, when I implemented them, they actually worked!!!! She is warm, patient and kind. Her tips are helpful and insightful. I love that she takes her time and makes every second count. I definitely saw a change in my performance. My fear, nervousness and insecurities melted away and my confidence shined through.”